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Friday, 15 January 2016



The UNPOL officer Farrell was attached to the civil affairs unit in the United Nation Force in Cyprus. He finished his duties at 1350 hours on 14 Oct 2011and went to the Brickyard Club in the evening after he had got the permission of his Team Leader to use the UN Vehicle #725 during the weekend. In the brickyard, he met his friends from UN personnel and while he was the smoking room he noticed two young Cypriot males watching him suspiciously, but he didn't pay them too much of attention. They dance in the Brickyard and left with four colleagues on board the UN vehicle. He parked the vehicle in his home which was in Elinu Street #23, emingui, Nicosia, Cyprus. He didn't drink that night.

In the early morning, he left with his colleague on trip by vehicle, using the code 850 as car log code, to the north island and they enjoyed together and agreed to meet again in the brickyard at 2300. They met again in the club and Mr Farrell talked with some ladies who were in the accompanying of the two males. These two males were watching also in this night. He left to his home and parked the vehicle and went to bed. On Saturday 16 Oct at about 1100 he's he came back from a run round about 5km ,he got in his vehicle to leave the home ,he noticed while the vehicle reversing that there is something wrong. He check the vehicle found that the two left tyres was splashed and a knife was stuck in one of the tyres.

Mr.Farrell reported the incident to MPFU (military police Force Unit). The MPFU officer Ms.jolie Maher was attached to the scene and contacted her local counterparts in the Cyprus Police. They photographed the vehicle and took the knife for further examination. Mr Farrell contacted the transport section in regarding the repair of the vehicle. Ms.Maher called Mr.Farrell to her office and had his statement and showed him photos of surveillance cameras. He identified one suspect as one of the males who was watching him in the Brickyard.

Reference is made to report on 16 Oct 2011 regarding the damage of UN vehicle #725. The UNPOL officer Mr.Farrell came to the MPFU office to give his statement. He could identify one suspect showed on photos of cameras. His name was David Babondaira. Mr. Farrell described the suspects as being in their twenties and their tall around 160 cm. One of the suspects has stripe on his hair. Mr Farrell stated that he danced with lady in the brickyard, her name was Maria. He had known Maria during two weeks, he was talking to her by phone and he knew later that she was the ex-girlfriend of the suspect, David. He knew also that since three months there were many problems between them. Mr.Farrell added that David was assaulting Maria frequently and she had left him in the last weeks. David was charged with assaulting his girlfriend Vazilka Custova in September 2010 and he ran away from police after they freed him with bill. He was beating her when the last time they took her to hospital found that she was pregnant since three months.

David was listed on the police wanted persons list. David thought that if the relationship between Maria and Farrell continue, his relationship with her will go worse more. So that David went to Farrell home and damaged the tyres of his vehicle as a kind of revenge and threat. David will be prosecuted within 48 hours as promised by Cypriot Police. David will be charged with assaulting his girlfriend and damaging the UN vehicle. Mr.Farrell was directed by transport section to report the incident to the UN security section as the roles required.
Questions and Answers

1) What is the name of UNPol who report the incident?
2) What is the name of UNPol officer who had taken the investigation?
3) What was the code used for the in vehicle?
4) What was the number of in vehicle in the incident?
5) What was stuck in the tyre?
6) At what time Mr. Farrell finished his duty?
7) What section was contacted to repair the vehicle?
8) What time and date of the incident?
9) Which unit Mr. Farrell was attached to?
10) How many suspects were identified by Farrell?


  1. Very helpful for UN job seeker.

  2. 1 Mr.Farrell
    2 Ms.Jolie Maher
    3 850
    4 #725
    5 a knife
    6 13.50 hrs, 14 Oct 2011
    7 Transport section
    8 11.00 hrs, 16 Oct 2011
    9 Civil Affair Unit
    10 1



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