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Monday, 21 December 2015


On Monday 5 May 2013, at 10.09 hours, a stabbing incident was reported to the UNPOL Station # 6 in South Darfur. The duty officer of the station was an Ukranian UNPOL namely Serkovic. The caller stated that the incident had occurred in the garage that was located at grid reference 153-478.

Immediately, a police patrol having call sign Delta-21 was dispatched to the scene of the incident after thirteen minutes of the initial report. The team consisting of two UNPOL, three LP excluding a language assistant Arthur.

On arrival at the scene of the incident at after twenty minutes of their departure the officers observed that, a 50-year-old male garage owner was lying on the floor in the garage and bleeding. He had been stabbed a number of times in the left side of his chest. Due to the very serious condition of the garage owner’s wounds the officers decided to immediately transport the victim by ambulance to the Darfur local hospital for treatment. 

The twenty two year old male witness to the incident said that twenty five minutes of the initial report to the police station while he was 20 meters away from the incident, he observed the garage owner and the offender. It was a male about forty years of age, 185 cm tall, very slim build, with black hair, dressed in black short, white shirt and black shoes, arguing loudly with the garage owner. Ha had a ponytail.

The argument was concerning the 450-euro repair cost that he was being charged on his yellow van type vehicle, license # 273-SU-846. The witness then stated that he observed the offender removed a knife from his pocket with his right hand and stab the garage owner in the chest three times, and then put the knife back in his pocket. 

Further interview of the witness revealed that he was the freelancer nephew of the garage owner and resided at the Airport Street -39, grid reference 256-384. That day he came there to meet his uncle for a job in the morning.

The witness stated that he had never seen the offender in the garage before the incident happened. The witness also added that the offender, after having stabbed 3 times the garage owner, drove away at a very high speed from the garage in the north direction. 

The witness further advised that as the offender was getting into his vehicle he noticed that he had bloodstains on his white shirt and on the jacket while he was leaving the place.

The officers proceeded to the local hospital to interview the victim of the stabbing and to obtain further information about the identity of the offender. Upon arrival at the local hospital the attending doctor advised the officers, that the victim was not awake and was unable to speak with them for several days due to his very serious condition. The doctor gave the telephone number of the hospital as 516832 and told the officers that they could telephone the hospital and inquire about condition of the victim not earlier than the next morning.

The investigation into the incident of the stabbing was continuing. For interview the witness was asked to come to the police station on the following day. Police team asked for a crime scene management unit over radio to the duty officer. The officer sent a team consisting same of the first respond team with one additional person but the team had no language assistant. The team reached the scene after 45 minutes of the first team arrival. The team collected blood stains, a foot print, finger print and a wallet. Inside the wallet there was a photo of the offender. Police also known that, there was an ID card of the offender and he was a part time employee of a gas station in northern Darfur. His name was Peter Mosad. Police team convey this name and description thorough the radio to all respective unit in Darfur area and requested them to arrest the culprit. On the following day at 13.30 hrs a UNPOL team having call sign Kilo Papa-20 sent a message to the National Operation Center that they arrested the criminal just fifteen minutes ago.


Family Name: ……………… First name: ………………. CP #:………………………………
Country:…………………..……… Date:……...……………………………………………........

Q1: What was the victim’s relationship to the caller and what is the occupation of the caller?
Q2: What was the date and time of the incident and when the criminal arrested?
Q3: What were the injuries to the victim and who arrested the criminal?
Q4: What were the address and grid reference of the witness residence?
Q5: Describe the offender and how police know his name and occupation?
Q6: What was the argument concerning and what was the telephone no of the hospital?
Q7: How many police personnel attended the scene and when the crime scene unit arrived that the scene?
Q8: Who was the duty office of UNPOL station no-6 and what was his nationality?
Q9: In which direction did the offender drive away and which thing he left at the scene?
Q10: What was the telephone number of the hospital and how many personnel were in the crime scene team?



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  2. 1. Nephew, Freelancer
    2. 5th may 2013 at 09:45 hrs / 6 may 2013 at 13:05 hrs
    3. Stabbed wound on left chest / Unpol KP 20
    4. Airport street 39 GR 256384
    5. 40 yrs, 185 cm height, slim built, black hair, black shoes, black short, and white shirt / from ID Card of offender found in the wallet left at the incident place
    6. about 450 euros repair cost / 516832
    7. 5
    8. 11:17 hrs
    9. serkovic / ukranian
    10. 516832 / 6

    Plz correct if i am wrong

    1. 1.OK
      2.5th May 2013 at 09:44 hrs / 6 may 2013 at 13:15 hrs
      8.serkovic / ukranian
      9.NORTH / WALLET

      Please recheck and confirm me. thanks

    2. Q7. Intial report..... 10.09
      Disatch after 13 mi 13
      Reatched after 20 m.. 20
      First team reached at . 10.42 m
      Crime scene unit after 45 m
      Therefore it 11.27

  3. Replies
    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

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