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Saturday, 10 June 2017

CLA TEST # 75 SELLING & BUYING NARCOTICS (Combined Language Assessment) reading comprehension for UN AMS/SAAT Exam

(English) TEST # 75
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)

At 21.45 hours on Wednesday 16th March 2011 the United Nation police (UNPOL) patrol Alpha 345, with UNPOL officer Ms. Ann Smith and Mr. David Hudson, was conducting a joint patrol with two Liberian national police (LNP) patrols, Tango 67 and sierra 85, in the northern part of central Monorovia at 34 Dexter street, patrol Alpha 345 noticed that a group of young men, all aged about 20 years old, were gathered. They seemed to be involved in an intense discussion. One of the men, significantly taller than the others and dressed in a red leather jacket, seemed to be very aggressive. Alpha 345 stopped to find out what was going on and informed the two LNP patrols over the radio, describing the aggressive man. When Alpha 345 stopped, the group of men fled the spot and ran away in different directions, and by the time the two UNPOL’s had parked their car, there was no one left on the street corner. The UNPOL’s found two violet sized plastic bags with a small amount of white powder, suspiciously narcotic, which were both left on the pavement. Alpha345 cordoned off the scene and reported over the radio to the National Operation Center (NOC) asking for assistance.
At 22.15 hours LNP dog patrol, K9-21, arrived at the scene to make a search for drugs the dog was immediately marking for narcotics on the spot where the two plastic bags had been found. Continuing the search, the dog showed interest in some flower pots placed outside 34 Dexter Street and was finally marking on one of them. When the dog handler took a closer look, she discovered something hidden in the pot, under the flower. There was a shoe box continuing 500 US dollars and approximately 50 small plastic bags some with white powder and some with small pieces of dried leaves the box with its contents was seized.
While the crime scene was searched, patrol Tango 67 reported over the radio that they saw a young man running along the street, whose description was well fitting of the description of the man Alpha 456 had earlier seen at the crime scene, wearing a red leather jacket. When the man saw the police patrol be speeded too and it was obvious that he tried to get away from the police patrol. Because of the development at the crime scene, Tango 67 decided to arrest the fleeing man. Tango 67 was able to block his way of escape with their car. The LNP patrol ordered him to stop but it was not until the police officers physically grabbed him, did he actually stop. The police officers then needed to keep him lying on the ground to prevent him from fleeing. He struggled to break loose from them and threatened to cut their throats if they did not let him go. Tango 67 arrested the suspected for a drug crime and took him to the nearest police station, Delta 33.
Patrol K9-21 kept searching the area where the group of men had gathered. In the building located at the address 34 Dexter Street, a three-floor apartment building where three families were living, the dog showed interest in the stairs leading from the main entrance of the house to the street. The dog finally marked on the first stair from the street. Under this stair, a second shoe box containing 330 US dollars was found. There were also a few small plastic bags in the box. The plastic bags were empty, but there were traces of white powder in all of them. There was small Beretta revolver of caliber 5mm under the shoe box. The revolver was loaded.
Meanwhile, patrol sierra 85 arrived at 34 Dexter Street to assist patrol K9-21. The patrol was immediately approached by Mr. Alan Fox, who was living at 34 Dexter Street. This evening, like most evenings, he had been sitting with some other neighbours at the outdoor café ''The Anchor'', located at 32 Dexter Street where there was a good view over 34 Dexter Street and its surroundings. According to Mr. Fox, 34 Dexter Street had been the meeting place for selling and buying narcotics for the last three years. Mr. Fox and his nieghbours were very concerned about the activities going on at 34 Dexter Street. Some of them had witness that the persons involved in these drug transactions had been armed and the people living in the neighbours feared that sooner or later someone was going to get seriously hurt.

Family Name:…………First Name………Test Serial #:………….

Q1: Which team first saw a group of young boys who seemed to be involved in an intense discussion?
Q2:​Write the address of the building where the second shoe box was found ?
Q3: ​How many Liberian National Police teams went to scene? Write their names.
Q4:​What was the color of the jacket which the taller man was wearing?
Q5:​How much total money was recovered?
Q6:​How old were the young boys?
Q7:​Which café was found at 32 Dexter Street?
Q8: ​How did the fleeing suspect threaten the LNP when LNP blocked his way?
Q9:​ What weapon was found under the second shoe box ?
Q10:​Why was the LNP dog patrol, K9-21, sent to the crime scene?


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