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Friday, 4 November 2016

CLA (Combined Language Assessment) reading comprehension for UN SAAT Exam “PATROL REPORT”

(English) TEST # 31
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)
Incident Report # SSU 2011/2485
At 11.00 hours on 24 September, 2011 Golden City Police Station-2 received a telephone call from Paolo Tombo, resident of Copper Street Apartments, Flat #45. He advised that he had not seen his neighbor Elver from Flat #41 for the past three days. There was no response to knocks on the front door.  Paolo left a note on the door on 23 September and it was still there when he checked later.  Golden City Police Patrol team arrived at the scene in 10 minutes, and knocked on the door. They found unopened mail on the floor by the mail slot, and also the note pinned to the door asking Elver to call. The police broke down the door of the flat at 11.30 hours and found the body of a male lying on the living room floor. There was a trail of blood on the floor leading from the metal table to where the victim was lying, so it looked like he may have tried to crawl to reach the house phone.  The receiver was lying beside the body.  Police recovered two empty bottles of whiskey and four glasses on the metal table in front of the sofa, and placed them into evidence. The deceased was identified as 35 year-old male, Elver Bimori.  The body was taken to the morgue for autopsy.

Follow up Report # SSU 2011/2485/01
Reference is made to a case reported on 24 September, 2011.  Police canvassed the area to locate witnesses.  They spoke with Ms. Sofia Frankel, who lives in Flat # 49.  She stated she had usually seen the deceased jogging every morning around 06.30 hrs. After not seeing him for three days, she called his aunt, who had not talked to him since 20 September 2011.
Officers also interviewed the caller, Paolo, and determined further details.  Paolo stated that on 22 September, he was kept awake until early morning because of the loud music and voices coming from the flat of the deceased. Paolo was smoking a cigarette on his balcony at about 2.00 hours when he saw a woman and two men running from the building to get into a white Mercedes, parked in the parking space under the street lights. The woman seemed to be arguing with the men, but he did not catch what they were saying. They got into the car and left. Soon after that, the noise from Elmer's flat stopped. 

Follow up Report # SSU 2011/2485/02
Reference is made to a case reported on 24 September 2011.  An autopsy was conducted on 25 September.  Preliminary results indicated that the cause of death was extensive blood loss due to external hemorrhage caused by the head concussion. It was also revealed that the deceased was intoxicated at the time of death, and he was conscious for at least half an hour after he got injured. 

Follow up Report # SSU 2011/2485/03
Reference is made to a case reported on 24 September 2011. On 26 September Elver's aunt Maria Bimori was invited to check the flat and to see if anything was missing. She told officers that her nephew Elver had been working in Sweden for the last three years and had saved several thousand Euros to buy a car.  He had a small wooden box in his room where he used to hide his money and jewelry.  She described the jewelry as a matching set with a golden ring, a golden necklace and a golden bracelet. The wooden box was located on the table; however, it was empty. Neither money nor jewelry were found in Elver's flat. Ms. Bimori further stated that Elver often visited "Allo" night club but she did not know anything about his contacts.

Follow up Report # SSU 2011/2485/04
Reference is made to a case reported on 24 September 2011.  On 27 September, police went to the night club "Allo" and approached the owner. The owner remembered last seeing Elver on 21 September.  That night Elver was spending time with two male customers whom the owner was not acquainted with, and one of the club dancers named Katrina Roccu. Detectives interviewed Katrina Roccu the same day.   She stated that she had known Elver only for the last three weeks. On 21 of September Elver came to the club, where he planned to meet his friends. Katrina said that she has never seen these people before and only knew their names - Marco and Peter. The friends came into the club and sat with Elver.  When Katrina finished her shift she joined them at the table. About midnight all of them left the club, and Katrina went home. According to her statement, that was the last time she saw Elver. Detectives noticed that Katrina was very nervous during the interview, but she insisted that she has provided them with a full and accurate picture of the story.

Family name: …………… ……First Name: ……………….……
Country: …………………………Date…………………………
Q1: At what date and time was the dead body located?
Q2: What items were missing from the victim's flat?
Q3:  Where was the telephone receiver found?
Q4:  What was the full name of the victim?
Q5: What was the deceased planning to buy?
Q6: What was the color and make of the car the witness observed on 22 September?  
Q7: Was the deceased under the influence of alcohol before death?
Q8:  What is Ms. Katrina Roccu's occupation?
Q9: What is the name of the establishment the victim visited on 21 September?
Q10: How many glasses were recovered from the scene?
A1: At what date and time was the dead body located?
24 September 2011, 11.30 hrs.
A2: What items were missing from the victim's flat?
Money and jewelry.
A3:  Where was the telephone receiver found?
(Lying) beside the body.
A4: What was the full name of the victim?
Elmer Bimori.
A5: What was the deceased planning to buy?
A car.
A6: What was the color and make of the car the witness observed on 22 September?  
A white Mercedes.
A7: Was the deceased under the influence of alcohol before death?
A8:  What is Ms. Katrina Roccu's occupation?
A9: What is the name of the establishment the victim visited on 21 September?
Night club "Allo".
A10: How many glasses were recovered from the scene?
Reference is made to the death of Elver Bimoli reported on 24 September 2011. On 28 September Katrina Roccu's mother reported to the police station. She stated that her daughter was involved in the crime, but was scared and refused to talk about the incident. Katrina's mother asked police for help. The investigation team accompanied Katrina's mother to her flat. Katrina looked scared, but finally agreed to reveal the details of the incident that she was involved with on 21 September. Katrina stated that Elver was planning to buy a car the next day and wanted his friends Marco and Peter to come with him. At midnight all four of them left the club and went to Elver's flat, where they drank whiskey and listened to some music. Elver showed them a picture of the BMW vehicle he had which he planned to buy for 9 000 Euro. He took this photo out of a wooden box that also had money and jewelry in it. He gave Katrina a golden ring. They shared more drinks, and Elver became very drunk. He had trouble standing, slipped and fell to the floor, hitting his head on a corner of a metal table. Elver got cut and started bleeding, but he told everyone he was fine. He refused any assistance and asked to leave him alone. Peter grabbed the money and jewelry from the box and they went away. Katrina stated she wanted to call for help but the brothers forced her to go with them. They argued in the parking lot and Peter threatened to kill her if she did not get into the car. They got into a white Mercedes belonging to Marco. Peter gave Katrina the necklace and bracelet but kept the cash with him. She was scared because Peter threatened to kill her if she talked to anybody about this incident. Katrina called Elver's house several times the next day, and only got a busy signal.

Katrina said she was expecting the two brothers to come to "Allo" club at about 22.00 hours tonight. The police operation was organized in the "Allo" club. Marco and Peter came to the club at about 22.30 hours and were arrested. The prosecutor was informed about the incident and initiated the formal investigation. Katrina was interviewed again the next day.
Police Officer: I am conducting an interview in reference to the death of Elver Bimori at the Copper Street Apartment Building on 22 September. Please state your name and address for the record.
Suspect: Katrina Roccu, 27 Park Road.
Police Officer: Were you with Elver on the night of 21 September?
Suspect: Yes. Elver was at the Allo Club. He came in about nine o'clock in the evening and had some drinks. He was waiting for two friends to come.
Police Officer: Who were these friends?
Suspect: They were brothers, Marco and Peter Chance.
Police Officer: Did they come to the club?
Suspect: Yes, they came in at about 22.30 and had some drinks with Elver. I finished my shift after 30 minutes and then joined them.
Police Officer: So what happened after 23.00 hours?
Suspect: Elver asked the brothers to go with him to buy a car the next morning and they agreed. Then he asked us all to come to his place to celebrate him getting a car. So we left around midnight and went to his flat.
Police Officer: Where is his flat?
Suspect: It is in the Copper Street Apartments, but I don't remember the number.
Police Officer: Tell me what happened at his flat?
Suspect: We listened to music and drank whiskey. First we drank a partially full bottle and then we finished a second bottle. Elver got drunk. He told us about his car and brought out a small wooden box. It had a picture of the car, a BMW. Then he opened a hidden drawer of the box and showed us his cash and jewelry. He said he had 9.000 Euros to buy the car.
Police Officer: How did Elver get the injury to his head?
Suspect: He wanted to dance with me. He was so happy that he gave me a golden ring from the box. But when he stood up, he was very unsteady on his feet. He fell and hit his head on the side of the metal table.
Police Officer: Did someone push him down?
Suspect: No, not at all! He fell and hit his head, and then he sat on the floor bleeding. He did not want us to help him and told us to leave. When we tried to lift him by his arms, he refused our assistance. We got ready to leave when Peter grabbed the money and jewelry from the box, and we ran out to their car. I wanted to call the ambulance but the brothers refused to do it saying that we would be blamed for hurting Elver. I started to cry and we argued about it but Peter said if I didn't get into the car, he would kill me.
Police Officer: What happened with the cash and jewelry?
Suspect: Peter kept the cash and gave me the bracelet and necklace. He said that if I spoke to the police, they would blame me and say I killed Elver to get the jewelry. I was scared so I did not tell you the true story at the beginning.
Police Officer: If you have told us the truth now, there is no reason to be scared. Peter and Marco were already arrested by us in the "Allo" night club thanks to your information. We have already informed the prosecutor about the incident. We may need to interview you again later.


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