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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

CLA (Combined Language Assessment) reading comprehension for UN SAAT Exam “Alleged Extortion”

On 17th of August, 2012 at 1200 hours, Duty officer Vic Micle Clerk of Becora UNPOL Station received a phone call from Tribal Male Building Contractor about an alleged extortion by a gang of extortionists. The contractor was forced to stop work for last three days in the face of threats by a local extortionist ring; the duty officer informed the matter to the Station Commander Mark Robinson. He directed two plain cloth LP officers and one UNPOL to the place of incident at GR: 325 667 at Local Market area in Becora to get detail information. Mark Robinson was an Australian UNPOL and joined in this station on 5th of August on the same year and also joined in UNMIT before 25 days of this incident.

Ribg Leader Abbas Ghani 38 also known to be involved in tender manipulation. Abas Ghani had already realized a large amount of money from the contractor, Still he wanted more and halted the construction work when the contractor refused to comply with his order for last three days.

At 1215 her two LP and one UNPOL officials met with the contractor near Glass Ceramic Building. As soon as they get into contractor’s vehicle, a black color Audi, registration # 3JS1236KH, Abas Ghani and his accomplices took the four hostages at gun point. Ghani took the contractor to an unknown place while his three operatives kept two LP and one UNPOL officers confined in a room of the building. At 1330 hrs. One stage the gangsters freed the police men after they managed to convince the three that they would leave the place without any quarry and soon.

The two LP and one UNPOL officers soon informed the matter to the Station commander of the development and shortly two teams of Dili Police Station rushed there. At 1415 hrs. Two LP officers again entered in the building but this time Huzza Mosed, 35 Khogon Hadi, 33, Hadirasid, 27 three accomplices of Ghani got suspicious of them. They captured the two LP officers again. After half an hour they yet again freed the two after they had made the three by that they had no connection with the contractor.

At 1445 hrs two team of Dili Police station appeared at the scene. On seeing 2 reinforcement team approaching the building. Huzza Mosed, opened fire 4 rounds to the police team from the first floor by his 9 mm Astra automatic pistol and another one shot by three rounds of 7.62 mm pistol, As LP men returned fire, Huzza Mosed standing beside Khongo Hadi received bullets in his chest. Except injured Mosad and Khogon Hadi the other gangster managed to flee the scene.

Follow Up
At 1530 hrs while returning with two captured suspects, LP team met with Abas Ghani at the entrance of Mayor building. LP team ceased the vehicle driven by Abas Ghani and spending 20 minutes hard afford LP team finally confined him near hospital and captured him unhurt after fifteen minutes chasing . The captor informed LP that he dropped the contractor near parliament building 25 minutes before.

Police team took all captured criminals to the scene after ten minutes from the arrest of Ghani and search the area. Police found three bottle of whisky, 9 mm ten rounds of empty bullet cage, 7.62 mm three rounds of empty bullet cage and a wallet. There are two thousand five hundred and thirty UD dollars inside the wallet. Police team confiscates all the things as evidence. Then after twelve minutes to reach the scene Police took all of them in Becora Police Station and put Police Station custody.

Investigating judge showed up on the following day after one hour and fifteen minutes later of office start time and detained them for illegal extortion, kidnapping and assault. The Inspector General of Police also thanked the UNPOL Team Leader and Local Police for these good activities. He also gave twenty five commendation of each LP in Becora Station and also gave fifteen certificates for UNPOL of the same station. It is known that Timorese office start time at 09.00 hours every day excluding holiday.

Name:………….......................      Date…………………………….
1. When Mark Robinson join in UNMIT?
2. How many LP and UNPOL were working in Becora Police Station?
3. When the investigating judge showed up?
4. What is the name of investigating judge?
5. How many men were arrested by the police and when Abbas Ghani was arrested?
6. When the contractor was stop his work by force of the extortionist?
7. How many shoot fired in the scene by the exorcist and police?
8. When, where and how police received the initial information of the incident?
9. What date and time did the gangster drop the contractor and where?
10. When the criminal freed the two LP officers second time?


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