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Monday, 2 June 2014


You will hear a short passage on the tape. First you will hear a narration up an incident then the detailed information about the incident will be provided. You are requested to take notes while listening, answers the question and write an incident report afterwards, the recording will be played only once.

Part 1 – Incident overview:
On the 19th of July 1999 an accident was reported to the police this case involves the death of Zoran, born on the 20th of March 1960. One person Rinco, born on the 1st of Zoran 1961 has been arrested. He was a serving officer in the Yugoslavian army and held the rank of Captain. It appeared that the 2 above mentioned persons together with other 2 people were having a get together. Rinco had not seen the deceased who was his cousin for sometimes.

During the course of the day they consumed alcohol, sometimes around 20:30 Rinco took an automatic rifle from Zoran and fired fir fun weapon was aimed at the sky but for unknown reason it came down and seized was struck by one bullet. The deceased was taken to the hospital where he was certified dead on arrival local police attended the scene and quickly asserted that the accused had fired a fatal shot. He was arrested and detained.

At Loa Vica police station the weapon and cartridges have been seized an eye in the possession of a court. The accused has been interviewed and admitted firing the fatal shot but stated it was accident. He remained in custody and will face criminal charges.
Part 2 – Statement:
The following is a statement of the accused Rinco.
-Rinco: I was employed in the army of republic of Yugoslavia as a Captain. I have been in Kosovo, after the peace agreements have been signed. 

I came back to Serbia, after my coming back, my cousin Zoran came to visit me, he stayed with me for 20 days and all this time we were together. On the night of the 18th of July 1999 at 23:30 my cousin Zoran and I went to Spisco the village where Zoran lives. 

We were supposed to have a rest there, than I d continue driving to the village where my father lives, I haven’t seen my family for three years, when we arrived at my cousins village he bought 2 litres of wine and 2 litres of minor vodka, we came to his house and waited for his girlfriend to come back from work, she came soon and I met her and she told me her name was Gondana. 

Since we were tired of traveling we went to bed, when we woke up it was 12:30 and after that Gondana prepared something to eat, we drank some wine and water then another guy came I didn’t know him, we drank more wine and I started singing Zoran liked listening to me. We were having a good time Zoran took out a rifle and shot a few bullets just for fun, a few minutes later Gondana brought another bottle of wine and we drank more and the other guy gave me a magazine, I loaded the weapon and started shooting toward the sky, I kept the weapon on my right hand but somehow I lost control of it and it started falling down, I noticed Zoran fell down and I didn’t realized what was going on, so I thought he was joking with me, I went to let him up and I saw blood on the ground. 

He was laying on his stomach with his head on the ground, as I saw what I did I put Zoran down and wanted to get the gun and kill myself but Gondana stopped me. 

I started banging my head against the wall, I can’t remember what happened exactly after that. Because I lost cousins twice all I know that 2 police men came and took me to the police station. This is all I can recall regarding this incident.

The statement was read to me loud and clear and I signed it.           


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