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Monday, 9 December 2013

UN chief welcomes Security Council resolution to deploy peacekeeping force in CAR

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki- moon on Thursday welcomed a decision made by the Security Council to authorize an African-led and French-backed peacekeeping force to quell the spiraling violence in the Central African Republic ( CAR).
"The Secretary-General strongly welcomes the adoption by the Security Council today of resolution 2127 (2013) which authorizes under Chapter VII of the UN Charter the vitally needed deployments of African and French forces, among other measures, to address the grave situation in the Central African Republic," said a statement issued here by Ban's spokesperson.

He called the resolution "an important and timely step" that sends a message of international resolve to respond to the crisis.

"It is urgent that resolution 2127 is now implemented with all speed so that the people of the Central Africa Republic can be spared further suffering, insecurity and violence," the statement said.

The UN chief affirmed his and the United Nations' readiness to take all necessary measures to ensure its full implementation, said the statement.
Ban also expressed his concern about the continued deterioration in security in the CAR, "as illustrated again today by a deadly attack on Bangui, including targeted assassinations carried out by non-identified armed groups."

"The United Nations condemns these attacks, calls on the authorities to ensure an immediate cessation of violence, and appeals to the population to exercise restraint and to avoid a cycle of retaliation," said the statement.

The secretary-general also welcomed "the establishment of an International Commission of Inquiry and of a sanctions regime as authorized by resolution 2127."

"These measures will help to ensure that those responsible for human rights violations are held accountable," he said. "They will also help prevent the proliferation of weapons that are fueling the conflict."

He underlined the importance of the early deployment of the African-led International Support Mission in the Central African Republic (MISCA), recalling in particular its mandate to protect civilians.

The UN Security Council on Thursday unanimously authorized MISCA to protect civilians and provide security in the violence- ridden nation, tottering on the brink of anarchy.

The French-sponsored measure, authorizing the use of force under Chapter VII of the UN Charter, also allows participation of troops from France. The former colonial power has in recent months dispatched hundreds of troops to help restore order in the poverty- stricken Central African nation.

The resolution was approved amid reports of heavy gunfire in the capital of Bangui which resulted in as many as 100 deaths. 
                                                                     (Xinhua, December 6, 2013)


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