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Sunday, 8 December 2013



Many police officers all over the world asking me about the new pattern of upcoming SAAT test. I want to clarify this matter to the all officers that the new SAAT test will be slightly different from previous test. Nothing to worry for it. You just take preparation with the old materials which will help you to pass the new SAAT test. Please don't be over puzzled about new SAAT test. It will not beyond your thinking. You will be able to touch it and many of you will be the winner.
Now I am asking you some questions:-

1. Are you swift in reading English and capable to understand it quickly?

2. Are familiar with the words which are accident related, crime related or new types of incident related?

3. Are capable to write a story basis on any theme?

4. Are you capable to take short notes hearing any audio script?

5. Are you capable to understand the different accent of English language audio all over the world?

6. Are you able to write legible writing?

7. Are you proficient to summarize a comprehension?

9. Do you understand the key points of any incident? 

         If the answers are "YES" why are you worried my friends? Victory is knocking on your door. You just pass time on such types of activities per day one or two hour then you will be the winner. There is no significant difference in old materials and new materials. Rather new pattern of SAAT test will be the easier than the past test. Because you have the opportunity to realize the incident before the report writing. Moreover previous one of the segment is omitted here. You have to take preparation just for two segments-one is reading comprehension and another is report writing basis on listening. Before that, You have to be just calm and steady. Now I am sure that you could understand me and please give up all types of bad thinking from your mind. Wish your good luck. Anyhow, we will update the new Peacekeeping ASST materials as soon as possible. thank you for visit the web blog.regards. 

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Mr.Abbas UN SAAT Coordinator.


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