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Wednesday, 30 May 2018

CLA TEST #42 ROBBERY AT LOVER ROAD MAIN JUNCTION (Combined Language Assessment) for UN AMS/SAAT Exam

(English) TEST # 42
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)
This is the Reading component of the UNPOL Combined Language Assessment. You will be given a Reading comprehension text containing the mission-related story. You will also receive a Question paper containing ten questions related to this story, and a paper for taking notes. Please read the text carefully. You may wish to highlight the most important elements of the story, and also to make any marks on it in any language you want.

You are requested to produce answers to the 10 questions in the Question sheet. You do not need to write full sentences to answer questions. However, only the complete answer could be scored as a correct one. After responding to the questions we suggest you copy the most important information to your own notes. You will need those notes for the second part of UNPOL Combined Language Assessment. Both the text and the question papers will remain face down until you are asked to start. You will have 20 minutes for the exercise. The instructor will indicate when these 20 minutes starts. You will be informed when it is 5 minutes left and when it is 1 minute left. After 20 minutes, both the Reading text and the Questions sheet will be taken from you. Your personal notes will remain with you for future use at the Report Writing component of UNPOL Combined Language Assessment.

Good Luck!
At 01: 30 hrs on 02 October 2011, the Emergency Response Unit received a phone call from an unidentified person that there was a robbery at the Lover Road main junction. The First Responder Group arrived at the spot and found a crowd which was gathered at the front door of a two story red brick building. The police patrol was told that an armed robbery occurred around half an hour before. The patrol entered the building and found that the front door was badly damaged as the door lock was broken. In the middle of the hall the patrol found a group of men and women around a male who was lying on the floor in a pool of blood. His chest was covered with blood. He seemed to be unconscious. An ambulance arrived and took the wounded person to hospital. The police were advised that a group of armed unidentified persons broke into the house, robbed the occupants and badly wounded a neighbor. Some property had been taken. Some witnesses stated that they ran in the direction of Seventh Street, to the ocean shore. 

At 02:05 hrs the police checked the Seventh Street and the sports ground at the junction, but with no results. The territory of the nearby market was searched as well, but no suspect was spotted. At 03:25 the patrol returned back to the police station. 

The police officers interviewed Mr. Bob Rocky, 25 years old, mobile phones sales manager, bachelor, who stated that he had lived in the building at the Lover Road main junction for the last two years. The rent is USD 200 a month, plus utilities. To reduce the expenses, he shares the building with his friend Emanuel Gibson. On 01 October 2011, he came home early, at 18:00 hrs. He was tired. That’s why he had his dinner, watched TV and went to bed around 22:00 hrs. He did not know what time it was when he was awakened by a noise. He heard some heavy blows to the front door and some angry voices in the hall. He got up from his bed, and in that moment the door to his room opened and two masked guys, one tall and one short rushed into. The tall guy kicked him in the stomach, and the short one asked, “Where’s your money?” Mr. Rocky answered that he had no cash with him. Then the tall guy grabbed 4 mobile phones which Mr. Rocky brought home from his office, and they left the room. Few minutes later he heard some shots, he did not remember how many. According to Mr. Rocky, he sustained no hard injuries.

In his interview to the police Mr. Emanuel Gibson, 26, unemployed, divorced, stated that on 01 October 2011, he came home rather later, approximately at 23:00. There was an interesting movie on TV that night. The incident happened just after the movie was over, that’s why he remembered the exact time - 01:00 hrs. He heard that somebody knocked on the door. He asked who was there, but there was no reply. At that moment somebody kicked the door. The plywood-made door crushed down, and several masked men entered the hall. One of them, a very tall guy, who looked like a real basketball player, made a sign for two of them to head for Bob’s room. He also ordered two others to search the room. Then the “basketball player” came up to Mr. Gibson and demanded he give all the cash he had. Mr. Gibson replied that he had been out of work for three months and he had no money. Then the robbers took his laptop. There was no violence against him. They were leaving the house when a neighbor, James, appeared in the front door. He had a machete in his hand. The “basketball player” took a gun out from his coat and fired twice. James fell down and the criminals ran out of the building. A few minutes later other neighbors came and rendered him medical aid. 

Mr. Joshua Smuggle, 45, housekeeper, who lives close to the place of the incident, stated to the police that night, around 01:00 hrs he was ready to go to bed when he heard firearm shots. He came to the window and saw some males leaving the neighbor’s house. He understood that something had happened. He went out of home and saw another neighbor, James, lying on the floor in a pool of blood.
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)

Family Name:………………...First Name……………. Test Serial #:………….
Country:………………………     Date:………………………...............

Q 1. On what date and at what time were the police informed about the crime?
Q 2. What was the date and time of the crime?
Q 3. What was the location of the incident?
Q 4. Did the victims of the robbery sustain hard injuries?
Q 5. Were the criminals detained by the police?
Q 6. What did the criminal leader look like?
Q 7. What did the criminals do to prevent them from being identified?
Q 8. How did the criminals get into the house?
Q 9. What did the criminals take from the victims?
Q 10. What was the name of the hospitalized person?

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