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Wednesday, 14 March 2018

CLA TEST # STOLEN FIREARM AT JORDAN FPU (Combined Language Assessment) for UN AMS/SAAT Exam

(English) TEST #
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)
On 17/06/2012 at11:45 hrs, CT-1 while on patrol with LNP counterparts received a call from team leader Congo town MTS that there was a report of a stolen firearm at Jordan FPU based at German Embassy about 100 meters from Zone 3 Base Depot along Tubman Boulevard Road. On arrival at the scene, patrol team met the Operations Officer Hussein Zaarour, FPU 9165, contact# 05576858, who gave the information that on the 16th June 2012 at around 2100 hrs, two unknown persons snatched the rifle M16 with nil ammunition, serial # 8194300/301 from an FPU officer Maher, while on official duty at the southern watch tower facing the ocean. He also informed that both of them ran with rifle towards the Eastern side out of the compound and one of them was wearing a black short and a red T-shirt. A search was mounted immediately but no recovery was made. LNP officers took the report at the scene. 
On 22/06/12, victim/witness Al Khatib Maher, ID # FPU- 009540, male, age 26, Jordanian, FPU officer during an interview with CSD officers told that on 16th June 2012 at 1800 hrs, he resumed duty at the beach gate. While on duty he saw one Liberian by the name of ERIC, who came with another unknown one at the gate and became to beg him for food but in reply Maher said that the food was yet to be prepared and asked them to wait. But all of a sudden, they started to bang the gate, yelling that "we need food" and continued hitting on the gate until it opened. When gate got opened, Maher stepped down from the post to close the gate, and while closing the second part of the gate, butt of the M-16 rifle dropped down then Eric came and snatched the weapon and started running. Officer Maher ran behind them but he couldn’t get them. On the same date, the team was able to recover the pair of slipper left by one of the suspect more or less 50 meters away from gate along the shoreline and also officer confirmed the clothes recovered from more or less 200 meters away from the main road as the same clothes that were worn by suspect ERIC during the time of the incident. The recovered evidence of pair of slipper and clothes were handed over to LNP CSD counterpart for custody. 
On 25/06/2012, at 1000 hrs, with reference to the above mentioned robbery case, UNPOL CSD/IAU Advisor Nail Duzcu and Mohamad Altarawneh with LNP counterparts Johnny B. Dean and Mohammed Keita proceeded to Jordan FPU in order to have a meeting regarding status of the case. Then the team proceeded to West point to check the suspect Eric’s friend. His friend Elijah Sam, male, age 32, resident of West point was arrested, transferred to LNP/HQ ARU and released after getting statement and a photograph of the main suspect. The suspect's photo was distributed to LNP Charge of Quarter and Patrols.
On 25/06/2012 at 1300 hrs, an incident of armed robbery had taken place in Christian Community, Paynesville, Liberia and reported at Zone 5 Depot 2 that some unknown men robbed a house. The owner of the house told that suspects, five in number, forced his front door at 00.45 hrs, gained entry into his house and made away the properties.  Morlah Turlay, commonly called WALKING STICK, male, age 20, resident of Christian Community, Pipeline, and Paynesville was arrested on the same day based on description of house owner/witness of the incident. Other offenders are still at large.
On 24/07/2012, UNPOL Mohammad Altarawneh, CP3945 CSD/IAU, at 10:30 hrs. together with officer in charge LNP Congo Town MTS Walter B Wray responded to information received through their informers regarding the location of the main suspect. The suspects Eric Diah, male, age 22, and Kormah Jalloh, male, age 26, were arrested. The team in guidance of the suspects recovered rifle of the same type at 11:22 hrs. from MVTC Compound – Paynesyville where it was found under the ground covered with tree leaves. At 12:05 hrs. Deputy Commander of Jordan FPU together with OIC FPU Coordinator came to LNP HQ and made confirmation of the serial number of the rifle. LNP CSD took over the case and started further investigation, taking the statements of suspects in details. The rifle was handed over to LNP Forensic team for examination and getting out one round of ammunition which was jammed inside it. Investigation continues.
FIRST PART of CLA (Reading)

Family Name:………………...First Name……………. Test Serial #:………….
Country:………………………     Date:………………………

Q 1.     Where and when did the incident happen?
Q 2.     How many rifles and rounds were stolen on that particular date?
Q 3.     Who provided the photograph of main perpetrator of the incident?
Q 4.     What evidence(s) were recovered from the scene?
Q 5.     Who attended the scene?
Q 6.     From where and at what condition the rifle was recovered?
Q 7.      How many suspect(s) were arrested in the incident of armed robbery in Christian Community?
Q 8.      Who came to confirm the rifle that was stolen from the Jordanian Camp?
Q 9.      What were the make, caliber and serial number of the rifle that was stolen?
Q 10.    How far the base depot lies from German Embassy?


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