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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Short forms use for report writing,

The following Short forms use for report writing...........
UNPOL-United Nations Police
MB- Mercedes Benz,
TT- Toyota,
Z- Zastava,
NN- Nissan,
JP- Jeep,
Mbs- Microbus,
Bs- Bus,
LRV- Land Rover,
LCR- Land Cruiser,
HC- Helicopter,
TK- Tank,
DHOR- Date and Hour of reporting,
P.O- Place of occurrence,
DOB- date of birth,
ADD- address,
GR- Grid Reference,
WH- white,
BLK- black,
RD- Red,
BL- Blue,
MR- Maroon,
SA- Saturday,
SU- Sunday,
MO- Monday,
TU- Tuesday,
WE- Wednesday,
TH- Thursday,
FR- Friday,
1- January,
2- February,
3- March,
4- April,
5- May,
6- June,
7- July,
8- August,
9- September,
10- October,
11- November,
12- December,
UNPKF- United Nations Peace Keeping Force,
FPU- Formed Police Unit,
SPU- Special Police Unit,
SC- Station Commander,
LP- Local Police,
PP- Patrol Police,
PS- Police station,
DO- Duty officer,



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