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Thursday, 27 August 2015

800 officers of Rwanda National Police participate in UN SAAT Exams

800 officers of Rwanda National Police participate in UN SAAT Exams
A group of 800 Rwanda National Police (RNP) officers, including at least 200 female officers, have began the United Nations (UN) Selection Assistance and Assessment Team (SAAT), as they aim to serve in peacekeeping missions. The tests which began on August 24 targets to pool professional and qualified Individual Police Officers (IPOs) to serve as advisors in different UN peacekeeping missions.

The exams, which occur biannually, are being conducted by a team from the UN, and will run until September 2. In an interview with Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Jimmy Hodari, Commissioner for Peacekeeping Operations at RNP, he said the tests are carried out among countries willing to offer peacekeepers, of which "Rwanda has been singled and always ready to serve."

“The exam is conducted in four different tests , which seek to test fluency in languages – French or English, their computer skills, driving skills and their proficiency in handling fire arms. Candidates have to pass the minimum requirements for each test before being allowed to continue to the next test. Those who do not pass a test will not be able to continue to the next test,” ACP Hodari said.

“Rwanda National Police (RNP) officers have consistently expressed high levels of professionalism and discipline required of them to perform their peacekeeping duties well and represent their country efficiently.” He said that the exams will also assess the candidate’s professional experience, mission-specific skills, and general understanding of the core values of the United Nations.

"The next step will be oral interviews to those who will be SAAT cleared as per the mission request and successful candidates will proceed to the mission," ACP Hodari Said.  RNP has over 500 peacekeepers serving in seven peacekeeping missions, 205 of them that include 120, serve as Individual Police Officers.

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