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Sunday, 14 May 2017

Q.No.1. How to become a UN Police Officer ?


Q.No.1. How to become a UN Police Officer ?

The United Nations Police Division seeks highly qualified police officers from United Nations Member States for service in UN peace missions around the world.

Two ways to become a UN Police Officer
The majority of the United Nations Police Officers are seconded or loaned by their governments to the Department of Peacekeeping Operations’ Police Division for a short term (six to 12 months).

If you are interested, you must consult your own police service on how to apply through your government. The United Nations Police Division works closely with Permanent Missions to the United Nations to find the skilled officers required by mission mandates. The process of being nominated by your service and government varies from country to country.

The second, more limited way that the United Nations Police Division seeks staff is through professional posts. These are published on the United Nations Careers portal at . Interested police officers should periodically look at these sites to see what positions may be available.


More Female Police Officers

A top priority for UN Police is to increase the number of female police officers in peacekeeping operations and encourage the recruitment of women in domestic police services.

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