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Monday, 28 April 2014

UNCIVPOL Candidates Selection Test # 13 FIGHTING INCIDENT


You will hear a short passage on the tape. First you will hear a narration up an incident then the detailed information about the incident will be provided. You are requested to take notes while listening, answers the question and write an incident report afterwards, the recording will be played only once.
Part 1 - Incident overview:
On the 31st of January 2001 at 02:30 the duty officer at Elejas police station informed IPTF that on the 30th of January 2001 at 23:35. There was a break of public and order at a pap Grids 810 700 4 men were involved. Local police patrol interviewed and tried to separate them but 2 of them who were under the influence of alcohol assaulted officer Fadhel. They grabbed the officer’s jacket and punched him. The officer used his baton to control the 2 attackers and arrested them. They had a medical check and they all had light injuries. Investigation revealed that 2 young men involved in the case were sitting in the pap waiting for their drinks when an unknown man came, later known to be named Armen obviously drunk came to them and asked them whether they were gay as they sitting so close to each other. The 2 young men felt insulted and began to curse him. The man got angry and threw a bottle at them and they started fighting and threw bottles and cans at each other making a mess of the pap. Then the police arrived charger will be filed against them. The case is open for the local police and IPTF will monitor it.

Part 2 – Dialog:
The following is a dialog between the police and one of the men involved in hte fighting;
-Police: Why did you join the fighting with Armen with his friend?
-Man: I was sitting in the pap that day with my friend when this man came to us and said, “Are you homosexual? See how close you are sitting to each other” I felt insulted and began to curse him he got angry and threw a bottle at us. Then we fought back another man probably this man’s friend joined the fighting.
-Police: Did you know them before?
-Man: No.
-Police: why did the first man say those words to you?
-Man: I don’t know. He was just drunk.
-Police: How much alcohol did you drink that day?
-Man: I didn’t drink any alcohol. My friend and I ordered a drink and were waiting when this man came.
-Police: What injuries and others did you receive?
-Man: One bottle hit me on the forehead and I had a cut and I also saw blood on the drunker man’s face and I’m not sure how seriously he was injured.
-Police: Was there any one also in the pap injured?
-Man: No, I don’t think so.
-Police: When did the police officer come?
-Man: About 10 minutes later. They tried to separate us. When I saw them coming I stopped fighting but the drunker man and his friend grabbed one of the officer’s jacket and punched him. The officer used his baton to control them and arrest them.   


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